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Arrested for trying to stab Church St. bartender

By Guy Page,

Burlington police this morning arrested a Keshawn Galloway, 23, already wanted on an arrest warrant, for attempting to stab a bartender in an argument over a mixed drink. 

Keshawn Galloway was 18 when he was arrested for sex assault on a child in 2018. The teenaged Galloway’s father, Tim Galloway, pleaded guilty for trafficking drug-addicted women in Vermont in 2016, according to WCAX reports

Burlington police say that at 1:26 AM Saturday morning, June 1, the Burlington Police Dispatch Center received a 911 call for a male, later identified as Keshawn Galloway, who threatened to stab a bartender at a Church Street bar.

The caller said the suspect male had walked away and was in the area of Church St and Main St. Officers arrived on scene and spoke to witnesses while others canvassed the area to locate a male matching the description. 

Officers made contact with the male who provided a false name. This male was later identified as Keshawn Galloway, age 23. While Officers spoke to Galloway, he attempted to flee on foot after being told he was being detained for a criminal investigation. Officers were able to catch Galloway, who ignored officers orders and resisted arrest. Officers were eventually able to secure Galloway into handcuffs. 

Police say Galloway had a dispute with a bartender over a mixed alcoholic beverage, where Galloway grabbed the shirt of the bartender in a violent manner. The bartender escorted Galloway outside of the establishment, where Galloway pulled a knife out and threatened to stab the bartender. Galloway advanced towards the bartender who was able to gain control of Galloway’s hand that possessed the knife. 

Other patrons of the establishment observed the bartender attempting to defend himself and assisted with getting Galloway to separate. Galloway was lodged at Northwest Correctional Facility on the arrest warrant with a bail of $500 and received an additional bail of $5000 for the new criminal charges. 

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to contact the Burlington Police Department at (802) 658-2704. 

According to media reports, Tim Galloway pleaded guility to trafficking drug-addicted women and received a 3-6 year sentence. He reportedly forced several women into prostitution by using physical violence and preying on their drug addictions. He reportedly used the website

The exploitation of drug=addicted Vermont women into prostitution by men like Tim Galloway – himself a drug addict – was a common enough practice that the U.S. Attorney’s office in 2015 released a video of women telling their horror stories. It can still be seen at


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