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Endorsed by multiple police unions, Christina Nolan pledges to stand with law enforcement

BURLINGTON – Today at a public event in Battery Park, Christina Nolan, GOP candidate for the United States Senate, received the endorsement of both the Burlington Police Officers’ Association and the South Burlington Police Officers’ Association.

“As Vice-President of the BPOA, and on behalf of our members, I’m proud to announce our endorsement of Christina Nolan for U.S. Senate. From her time as U.S. Attorney, she has been a strong advocate for law enforcement and public safety. In the past, we have not typically endorsed candidates for State-wide elections, but given the recent rise in violent crime, and the negative impacts of the defund the police movement, we feel that is more important than ever to support common-sense voices who understand that law enforcement plays an integral part of any safe and vibrant community,” said Oren Byrne, Vice President Burlington Police Officers’ Association.

“The South Burlington Police Officers’ Association would like to announce its endorsement of Christina Nolan for U.S. Senate. As a candidate, and as a public servant, Christina has demonstrated strong support for law enforcement while emphasizing the importance of public safety. We are grateful to have someone who can recognize the challenging work that we do as police officers, and who is willing to work alongside us in our effort to build a stronger relationship with the communities we serve,” stated Dan Boyer, President of the South Burlington Police Officer’s Association.

“I’m beyond honored to receive these endorsements, and pledge to always be a champion for law enforcement as Vermont’s next senator. Crime is rising across our state and especially in Burlington, and yet career politicians continue to slash funding and demonize the men and women who every day put their lives on the line to keep the rest of us safe. My opponent, Congressman Peter Welch, has voted multiple times to defund law enforcement during his time in Washington. These are votes he will have to answer for and I intend to hold him accountable,” added Nolan.

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