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'Enough is enough': Burlington Firefighters Association speaks out about an increase in violence


The Burlington Firefighters Association is speaking out about an increase in violence, crime, and hostile behavior it says is becoming far too common.

On June 11, firefighters were called to an emergency, when a person jumped out in front of Ladder 2 and threw a toolbox at the windshield of the firetruck.

The week before that, someone attempted to steal Tower 1 while it was parked on an emergency scene.

After these recent incidents, the firefighters association says enough is enough.

“We’re not here to advocate one way or the other what the-- I know we used the word ‘consequences,’ what those consequences are. We just feel there needs to be something because what is currently happening does not seem to be working,” said Kyle Blake, the president of the Burlington Firefighters Association.

Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger says he’s hopeful new public safety plans will help resolve some of these challenges.

“We’ve gone from having basically one social worker working for the police department, we’ll have seven under this new budget I’ve put forward,” Weinberger said.

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