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EXCLUSIVE: Machete attack in Burlington, crack cocaine distribution, Fentynal busts, a 113MPH speedster among latest crime headlines

By Michael Bielawski,

The latest crimes reported in Vermont include crack cocaine and Fentynal busts, a machete attack, a 113MPH speeder, and more.

Alleged crack cocaine dealer arrested

The Burlington Police Department detailed the arrest of a New Yorker who is suspected of distributing crack cocaine.

On Tuesday investigators from the BPD narcotics team were able to arrest Christopher Williams, age 42, who is from New York.

The release states, “Williams was arrested on multiple counts of cocaine sale, which occurred throughout the investigation. A search of Williams’ vehicle following his arrest yielded suspected “crack” cocaine as well as further evidence of drug distribution.”

At first, Williams was held for not having $50,000 bail. When he was arraigned on Wednesday, he didn’t have $10,000 bail, so he remains in custody.

Machete attack in Burlington?

Burlington Police responded on Monday evening to a report of an alleged machete attack.

The report states, “Upon arrival, officers were able to locate two individuals who were involved in the altercation. Investigation revealed Russell Taylor, 41, of Morristown, attempted to strike another individual in the head with a machete.”

Taylor had other violations including an active warrant for his arrest and a curfew violation. He’s being held without bail at the Northwest State Correctional Facility.

Taylor’s criminal record check is loaded. He has seven failures to appear, five violation of court orders, six felony charges, 44 misdemeanor charges, four assaultive crime charges, one assault on an officer charge, and 15 violation of probation/parole charges in Vermont.

Multiple incidents involving Fentanyl

A man stopped for a motor vehicle violation had his car searched by state police and Fentanyl was found.

The report states, “During the stop indicators of drug activity were observed. Troopers received consent to search the operator who was identified as Keenan Davine (34). Davine was found to be possessing fentanyl.”

The Times Argus reported on a separate incident involving Fentanyl. Four people in Barre are being charged with “felony counts of fentanyl trafficking and cocaine possession” according to the report.

Speeder hits 113MPH?

On Tuesday afternoon a State Police trooper for the Westminster Barracks observed “multiple motor vehicle violations, including a speed of 113MPH in a posted 65MPH zone.” Kerri Goncalves Medeiros of Enfield, NH., is the alleged speedster.

It’s still well short of the record, according to Auto Zonic the most miles per hour over a speed limit for a ticket is 206MPH in a 45MPH zone, which occurred in Italy.

Massive nicotine heist

The Bristol Country Store during off hours had its front glass door shattered and 144 Loon Air e-cigarettes and 84 Loon vape juice cartridges totaling approximately $4,136.00, were taken.

Anyone with tips that can help police can call the VSP New Haven Barracks at 802-388-4919 or anonymous tips can go to

Man passed out at gas pump found by police

A Vermont man passed out at a gas pump from drinking too much and patrolling police took notice. He is suspected of having his 2nd DUI.

The report from Wednesday states, “The VSP responded to the report of a male unconscious at the gas pumps of the Orleans Maplefields. Upon arrival, Troopers observed several indicators of impairment.

Merrill was subsequently taken into custody for suspicion of DUI and processed at the Derby Barracks. Merril was later released on a citation to appear in court.”

The author is a writer for the Vermont Daily Chronicle


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