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EXCLUSIVE: Northern border troubles making national headlines as apprehensions doubled over last year

By Michael Bielawski,

The Swanton border sector of the northern U.S./Canadian border has been making national headlines for the wrong reasons. Swanton Sector Chief Patrol Agent Robert Garcia has been sounding the alarm on his X account.

Chief Patrol Agent sounds alarm

“In FY23, SWB caught an unprecedented number of undocumented migrants, surpassing the prior 11 fiscal years combined,” Garcia wrote on March 3. “During the first four months of FY24, SWB has doubled the number of apprehensions made during the same period in FY23.”

On Friday he provided an update about another apprehension. He wrote, “Intercepted vehicle incursion! Swanton Border Patrol Agents apprehended 9 United Kingdom nationals in a vehicle that crashed through a landowner's fence attempting to illegally enter the United States near Highgate, Vermont. Report suspicious activity by calling 1-800-689-3362.”

He also wrote on Wednesday, “Last week, the Patrol Agent in Charge of our Beecher Falls, VT Station provided an interview and ride-along with @WBZ [CBS Boston] to discuss what Border Patrol Agents across all of Swanton Sector have been experiencing for more than a year.”

In that CBS report from March 15, Border Patrol Agent Erik Lavallee in charge of their Beecher Falls Station told them, "It was a flood we had never seen before. It was an exponential shift, something we were not expecting and it just hit us hard.”

National attention

The high influx of the northern border has prompted national media outlets to take notice.

On Friday Breitbart News took notice. “Unofficial Border Patrol reports reviewed by Breitbart Texas reveal that Swanton Sector agents apprehended more than 4,000 migrants during the first five months of FY24, which began on October 1, 2023. This is up by more than 100 percent from the same period in record-shattering FY23.”

On the same day Fox News put out a report detailing that Republicans in Congress are taking action.

“A total of 22 House Republicans sent a letter to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas this week expressing "serious concern" to the Biden administration over an "unprecedented surge in apprehensions" seen along the northern U.S.-Canada border amid an "orchestrated" crisis.

The Washington Examiner also had a report out on Thursday.

They wrote, “The numbers are of particular concern given that these higher-than-average monthly arrests recently occurred during the winter months, when temperatures are often below 0 degrees Fahrenheit, presenting major safety challenges to immigrants and law enforcement.”

ZeroHedge goes further and alleges that the border crossings are calculated by secretive organizations.

They wrote, “As the Biden administration and ‘shadowy network of secretive nonprofits’ facilitate the greatest migration invasion this nation has ever seen on the southern border, new concerns are mounting that illegals are finding alternative routes into the country via the unfenced northern border with Canada.

The public takes notice

The public is also sounding off on the situation. There are numerous comments on Garcia’s X account

@RicherThanYou70 wrote “I don't know why they don't cross that Derby line it's a lot easier.”

On the Breitbart ‘SammyT’ wrote, “Normally I would have suggested that these aren't "Canadians" crossing the border illegally; however, with the destruction that Trudeau has caused, who knows anymore…”

On the story on Fox News, ‘Gramps’ wrote, “Biden and the dems could care less about the American tax paying, hard working people. This sanctioned invasion is all about increasing Dem voters.”

One commenter is concerned about the national security implications . For the same story, ‘bidout’ wrote, “It’s just a matter of time until we see the full repercussions of the actions of the worse presidential administration in the history of the United States. It will be much worse than 9/11. Thanks again Joe and the Dims.”

The author is a writer for the Vermont Daily Chronicle


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