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EXCLUSIVE: Police Roundup: armed robbery, drug/gun bust, drug trafficking, and more

By Michael Bielawski,

Crimes over the past week include a drug/gun bust in St. Albans, an armed robbery in Enosburg Falls, a violent and unsolved car crash in Georgia, and more.

Drug/gun bust

On Thursday of last week, deputies from the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office with members from the Swanton Village Police Department conducted a search warrant at a property in St. Albans on Meadowbrook Ln. The warrant was for “evidence of drugs/narcotics sales.”

The report continued, “This search warrant stemmed from a multi-month investigation into reports of drug sales and other concerning behaviors occurring at this residence.”

They found about an ounce of cocaine and “a significant amount of suspected fentanyl” was seized as well as two guns and scales.

Armed robbery

There was an armed robbery at the Jolley Convenience Store in Enosburg Falls according to State Police reports. It occurred on Monday shortly after 3:00 AM.

There are no injuries reported. The suspect allegedly came into the store with a knife and demanded cash and tobacco products.

The suspect is described as a white man in a puffy black coat. He also had a camo mask, blue jeans, and red shoes. He and another person of interest were caught on security cameras. The Newport Dispatch published some screenshots.

Car rolls over, catches fire

In a fatal car crash on Sunday at right about midnight, a car was reported to have rolled over and caught fire in Georgia.

The State Police report states, “It was reported that the vehicle rolled over and was on fire. Upon arrival, Troopers observed the vehicle to be in the median of the Interstate, fully engulfed in flames.”

Once the flames were extinguished by the Georgia Fire Department, it was determined that there was just the driver inside and he had perished.

The fire destroyed much of the scene making the investigation difficult. State police wish to be contacted by anyone who can help determine what caused this crash.

Drug trafficking

Back on March 13 shortly before midnight, State Police were called to Randolph regarding two people seen passed out in a car in a parking lot. When officers addressed the two they observed indicators of drug activity.

After getting permission to search the vehicle the police found containers which they were eventually able to open after obtaining a search warrant. Andrea L. Veroneau, 35, was arrested for a DUI and cocaine possession. In the containers were suspected fentanyl, cocaine, and amphetamines.

Then this past Saturday, police set up a traffic stop in Bethel, Veroneau was found with suspected fentanyl, cocaine, and other currently unknown drugs. She is being charged with “charge of Possession/Control of Regulated Drugs.”

Man enters two occupied homes

On Friday at about 10:15 at night, State Police were called to Eden for an unknown man had broken into an occupied home. By the time officers were on the scene, it was discovered that the man had left and entered into another occupied residence.

According to The Zebra, a crime stats website, about two-thirds of all burglary cases are home invasions. According to the RAND Corporation, just over half of all Vermont households have firearms inside.

126 MPH in a posted 65 MPH

Andrew Loughnane of Bryn Mawr, age 21 from Pennsylvania, allegedly hit nearly double the posted speed limit on I-91 in the Town of Putney. The traffic stop was conducted without incident.

The author is a writer for the Vermont Daily Chronicle


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