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Freak occurrences cause two accidents, seatbelt may have saved life

By Michael Bielawski,

An animal crossing the road and a car jack collapsing are just two examples of relatively uncommon incidents causing recent tragedies in Vermont. There was also more gun violence in Vermont, a drug bust just across the New York border, and more.

Carjack fail causes death

A press release detailed the car jack incident. It states, “At about 4:10 p.m. Thursday, state police received a 911 call reporting an individual who appeared to be stuck underneath a vehicle in the MMU parking lot. Troopers responded to the scene and immediately began to render aid.”

This occurred at Mount Mansfield Union High School in Jericho.

After the police did an initial rescue effort, they later learned that the boy eventually died from his injuries.

The victim was a teenage boy, age 18. The report states, “Investigation determined that [the victim] was working on his car in the school parking lot when the jack holding up the vehicle collapsed.”

According to an engineer who used to make carjacks who posted on Reddit, depending on the model and brand of a carjack there can be a risk of collapse.

“Jacks can and do fail as the main piston seal is normally an o-ring. Good jacks will have 2-3 redundant o-rings as backups, but cheaper and smaller jacks likely don’t,” he wrote. He continues to write about other things that can go wrong.

Animal causes accident, seatbelt saves

Another release described the car accident.

The report states, “Investigation revealed the operator, Victoria Johnson, 39, from Shushan, NY, was traveling on Sandgate Rd and lost control of their vehicle due to an animal in the roadway. It was determined the operator failed to maintain their lane of travel and went into the embankment. The vehicle entered the embankment, struck the ground on the passenger side, and then rolled back onto the roadway, where it was resting on the passenger side.”

It continues that “The operator was wearing their seatbelt and didn’t sustain any injuries.”

According to data collected by Havaheart, car accidents causes by animals happens often enough across the nation.

They report, “It’s a serious safety concern that claims both human and animal life, but we rarely stop to consider the scale of the issue. In a given year, there are over 260,000 crashes involving animals accounting for 12,000 human injuries, and over 150 human fatalities.”

Serious crimes: Another gun fire incident

At Pine Ridge Drive, Pownal, there was a reported gunfire incident.

According to the State Police report, “The caller reported Nathan Susee [of North Bennington] was on her property, trying to instigate a fight with her and the other residents at that location.”

After troopers arrived, they determined that William Danforth of Pownal “had fired a shot into the air during the confrontation.”

Mr. Danforth was taken in by police for “Aggravated Assault with a deadly weapon.”

Drug bust in Peru, New York

The New York Drug Task Force have notified The Vermont State Police about a fugitive out of New York that had been seen around Quarry Road in the Town of Isle La Motte.

The report states that the person was Kristen Carnahan, a 38-year-old female from Peru, NY.

It further states that Carnahan was already known by law enforcement.

She was "found to have an active, New York full-extradition warrant for Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance in the Fourth Degree. Troopers, with additional units from the U.S. Border Patrol and New York Drug Task Force were able to locate Carnahan, who was residing in a camper on Quarry Rd. The camper was found to have been stolen from Gary Harris (68) of Champlain, NY."

Man throws metal pipe in fight

In Townsend on Thursday police got a call about two men fighting outside their residence near 2093 Route 30. The report states, “Investigation revealed that Noah Hearn (47) of Townshend threw a metal pipe at a passerby on a bicycle.”

Heam faces a disorderly conduct charge.

The writer is an author for the Vermont Daily Chronicle


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