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Man charged in serial car thefts sought by Burlington Police

BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) - Police are looking for a Burlington man who faces a slew of charges after they say he repeatedly stole cars and violated court conditions over the past month.

Burlington Police say it started February 24 when Jeffrey Leduc, 36, hopped into an idling car while the victim walked their child into a school. They say Leduc then eluded police, eventually crashing into a parked car and trying to flee from officers on foot. He was arrested and released on conditions.

On March 12, officers spotted another stolen car that they later found out was driven by Leduc. He again fled from officers but was arrested two days later after police spotted the car empty on Riverside Avenue and spotted him leaving a nearby apartment. The judge this time ordered a 24-hour curfew.

But police say that a day later, Leduc was captured on a surveillance camera trying to break into a car. Detectives went to arrest him at his court-approved address but discovered he had not been there for two weeks. They say he remains at-large.

Police say Leduc has a long rap sheet including eight felony and 20 misdemeanor convictions. They say he has had 22 police contacts this year alone.

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