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Man convicted of burglary in NH peeping tom case

DOVER, N.H. (WCAX) — A man accused of hiding in a woman’s attic and secretly photographing her while she slept has been convicted of burglary and other charges.

Mauricio Guerrero was arrested in February 2022 on the roof of the woman’s home in Somersworth, New Hampshire. He was accused of driving hundreds of miles from Pennsylvania, spending several days hiding in her attic, photographing her while she slept, and attempting to put a tracking device on her car. He was convicted Tuesday of burglary, criminal trespass, and invasion of privacy.

The man told jurors he and the woman were in a relationship and that she “wanted to be stalked,” WMUR-TV reported. The woman testified that she began communicating with him by text after he subscribed to her site on the adult website OnlyFans. She said they had sex once during an earlier unannounced trip to New Hampshire, but she did not consider them to be in a relationship.

Prosecutors argued that the victim never invited him to her home and said the man stored food in the attic and came down only when no one was awake. He will remain free on bail pending sentencing but is required to wear a monitoring device.

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