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Multiple car thefts reported as Burlington officials losing patience with City Council

Michael Bielawski / 3 days ago

The overworked and understaffed Burlington Police Department luckily didn’t see any new shootings this weekend, but police did have to track down stolen vehicles Thursday evening.

According to the department’s recent crime report, the BPD received a message around 7:30 p.m. about a stolen vehicle. The Winooski Police Department located the stolen vehicle and notified Burlington police.

The vehicle was one of three that had been stolen from a dealership parking lot when the business was burglarized during the morning of June 9, according to the police report.

After an investigation, officers from Winooski tracked down Marlon Taylor, age 28, who had fallen asleep behind the wheel while parked at Weaver Street. He was taken into custody and charged with “aggravated operations without owner’s consent,” violation of court conditions, and driving with a suspended license.

Taylor has been arrested five times in the past three months for stolen vehicle complaints in Burlington and South Burlington, the police report states, and he also had an arrest warrant for missing a scheduled court date.

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