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Pro-police, tough-on-crime Democrats are making a comeback. Here’s why

By Sebastian Hughes

Democratic politicians running on tough-on-crime platforms are making names for themselves in many prominent races, and some have even won elections in deep-blue cities drowning in violent crime.

As of Thursday afternoon, billionaire and former Republican Rick Caruso, who made combating crime and homelessness the cornerstone of his campaign, secured the greatest portion of the vote in the Los Angeles mayoral race with 42.1%. He will face off against Democratic Rep. Karen Bass, who received 37% of the vote, in a November runoff.

“I do believe that the crime issue is something that also has resonance on the Democratic side and that’s why you have officeholders like Eric Adams, who are staking out a different political path, and there is a constituency for that,” JMC Analytics founder John Couvillon told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Current New York City Mayor Eric Adams, a former police captain, won the Democratic primary in 2021 on a pro-police, tough-on-crime platform. During his tenure, Adams brought back a specialized police unit to fight gun violence after it was previously disbanded in 2020 in response to the George Floyd protests, The New York Times reported.

Across the country, Democratic Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell entered office in January after a campaign focused on gun crimes, organized theft and open-air drug sales, The Seattle Medium reported. In February, he said his administration would “not tolerate crime in Seattle,” citing increases in violent crime and gun violence between 2020 and 2021.

Down in deep-blue California, voters turned against Chesa Boudin, a former deputy public defender who became district attorney of San Francisco in 2019. He overwhelmingly lost his recall election Tuesday after implementing a number of criminal justice reforms, such as eliminating cash bail, that were widely blamed for increased lawlessness in the city.

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