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Slain Burlington man was convicted drug dealer

The homicide victim in the Thursday, July 7 shooting in Burlington was Hussein Mubarak, 21, a Burlington resident and convicted drug dealer.

Mubarak was shot at about 8:30 pm near the corner of Luck St. and Intervale Avenue in the Old North End of Burlington, Burlington police say. Mubarak and his killer are believed to have known each other, police say. The investigation is in its early stages and the Burlington Police Department is asking for anyone with any knowledge of the incident for their help. Initial information on scene stated the suspect may have fled north into the wooded area of the Intervale. An exhaustive search using multiple officers, K9’s and VSP drone, in the heavily wooded area, did not yield any results for the suspect.

On May 31, 2022 Mubarak was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Christina Reiss to 10 months’ imprisonment and a 3-year term of supervised release for possession with intent to distribute cocaine base, U.S. attorney records say.

As Mubarak admitted in his guilty plea hearing, the Burlington Police Department encountered him on May 14, 2021, when Mubarak was found to possess two plastic bags containing cocaine base in his pants pocket. Mubarak further admitted that the quantity of cocaine base found in his pants pocket was consistent with distribution and not personal use.

As described in court records, when Burlington Police Department officers arrested Mubarak on September 5, 2021, Mubarak possessed a semiautomatic handgun. As a result of this federal felony conviction, Mubarak was prohibited from obtaining or possessing firearms.

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