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Steve MacDonald: Burlington Police chief lacks manpower to investigate murder-suicide

We’ve been charting the Democrat decline of Burlington, Vermont, for a few years, and it is swirling the bowl as predicted. Property crime has been rising, and now gun crime is becoming a problem, but the local police department lacks resources. Can you guess why?

The Dems running the city into the ground tripped over themselves during the summer of love, rape, looting, and riots to show BLM they were made of the right stuff by backing the latest thing: they cut police funding by 30%.

Burlington is also a sanctuary city that gave illegals the vote (local elections only) and continues to display the hallmarks of long-term decline under Democrat rule. As I said, swirling the bowl.

And, to be fair, it is what the people want: they just legalized prostitution and sex trafficking so it is illegal for the city to regulate sex work. This will result in more human trafficking, drug abuse, sexual assault, and maybe even more sexually transmitted diseases and crime.

A Baltimore or Chicago they may never be, but they’ll get as close as they can with the population and progressive antics at hand. And without the resources to investigate rising crime, what’s to stop criminals from committing more of them?

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