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‘The positive police stories just keep rolling in!’

Those are the words written about the Ohio Going Blue site receiving feel-good stories depicting infinite positive interactions between police officers and citizens. Although the campaign is relatively new, the robust experiences enjoyed by cops and civilians has been around since forever (just under-reported by hyperbolic media platforms gluttoned with garbage and prejudiced against police).

Given the onslaught of haters’ broad brushes painting cops in a way which defies logic, the flood of positivity and truth and Americana is a delightful elixir to soothe souls. In a way, this is symbolic of my prior piece titled “Cops and the Silent Majority,” depicting several among myriad examples in which police-supporting citizens testify truth by doing good deeds for cops.

Here, we are glimpsing authentic nuggets directly from the people, as seen in police patrols safeguarding the American public in organic fashion. Let’s get the goodies going…

“Euclid Police Department (Ohio). While clearing a call, a group of kids at recess flagged me down to see my lights & hear my siren. I got out with them and handed out junior police stickers. Some of them said they want to be a police officer.”

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